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While filming the videos over the past couple of months our team has had the chance to visit some of the top restaurants, hotels, wineries and food purveyors in Napa Valley, California.

The Napa Valley is known worldwide as a mecca for food and wine lovers. Driving up valley, familiar names from your favorite restaurant’s wine list and the shelves of your local grocery store pass by and the names of top chefs and restaurants pop up as if you are browsing the cooking section of a book store. Exploring these restaurants and wineries and meeting the people who create this food and wine was a hugely enjoyable and inspiring experience for us.

The Napa Valley and the surrounding counties have a wealth of local growers and producers where you can source amazing local products. From cold pressed olive oils to organic cheeses from local creameries to artisan bakers and chocolatiers there are amazing food finds everywhere with some of the best wines in the world to pair with it.

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